Cory Pulliam



I grew up just outside of Portland and entered the culinary industry as a professional chef during high school. After several gigs around Portland, I eventually pursued the restaurant scene in New York City. There, my first head chef in the city introduced me to Murray Carter and his knives, seeing as Murray was located in my home state. While I wasn’t familiar with his knives at the time, this introduction, and subsequent encounters with Carter knives which performed so well, sparked an interest in me that never left.

Now, nearly a decade later, I’ve moved back to Oregon, shuffling through several restaurants until I eventually felt the desire to try something else. Recalling my admiration of Murray’s knives, I took a bladesmithing class with him, and forged my own kitchen knife. Forging that knife felt like I had rediscovered the joy I felt when I was first learning how to cook, and I committed myself to learning to make the chef’s most important tool; the kitchen knife.

I’m excited to continue to hone my new craft under Murray’s guidance, and learn to make the best performing kitchen knives possible.

You can see my knives here