Ryan Cavallo



I have been fascinated with knives from a young age. I would spend weeks backpacking in the American Southwest, collecting various blades and pushing them to their limits, discovering what constitutes an excellent knife both by metallurgy and design.

I decided to make them for myself. My first backyard knife shop was built with various thrift store items and hand tools. Knife making provided me great fulfillment as I soon discovered that the craft was a perfect combination of hands on skill, science, and artistry.

Later, I moved to the Pacific Northwest and found that Master Smith Murray Carter was nearby. Being a long term admirer of his philosophies, I had to see his shop. Upon my first visit to Carter Cutlery I was amazed at how Murray and the team were making the best performance knives I’d seen with top notch efficiency, skill, and passion.

Looking to push my own skills to the next level, I presented my work to Mr. Carter and the Muteki bladesmiths. I was accepted to join the Carter Cutlery team in July 2018. It is my primary goal to provide our customers with the joy of experiencing what a knife can truly be capable of.

You can see my knives here