Patrick McKee

Chef, Estes – 2019

“I had the honor of getting a Muteki knife last year from Murray and it was especially made by Alex. I literally, [sic] that is my work-horse! I use that knife every single day and – secret! [sic] I actually went on Chopped in New York City and filmed and I used the knife on-air. It will air sometime soon, I’m not sure when. But anyway, it’s the best knife I’ve ever owned, super sharp, always ready to go, it’s like the knife, [sic] the handle, the feel, everything is like the best thing I’ve had.”

Paul Decarli

Chef, Decarli – 2016

“My favorite part is the edge retention, it really holds its edge really well. I love the weight of it. The taper of the blade, the thinness down to the edge, the handle’s great, has a great feel in your hand, and I love when it kind of starts to fade. [sic] Just a few swipes on the stone brings it right back. It really has become kind of my favorite knife in my bag right now. It’s kind of my work horse, especially around vegetables.”

Carlo Lamagna

Chef, Clyde Common – 2016

“The craftsmanship is bar none! It’s some of the best I’ve ever seen here in the United States and even internationally. I’ve worked around the globe and I’ve seen a lot of different types of knives and used different knives. I definitely recommend them to any Chef who is serious about their craft and serious about their knives, which I know a lot of them are. You definitely should be picking one of these up.”

Ben Bettinger

Chef, Laurelhurst Market – 2016

“I can’t recommend this [Carter and Muteki Knives] enough! It’s absolutely a killer knife, it’s one of a kind, it’s phenomenal!”