Nano Hone Universal Backing Plate


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The Universal Backing Plate is the gateway to incorporating any stone into the Nano Hone Universal System. Compatible with any type or brand of stone, attach the stone to the backing plate with the provided adhesive and seamlessly integrate your stone of choice into the Nano Hone system. You can realize the full potential of any of your stones through the protection and stability offered by the plate. Available in 6 different colors to color code and quickly distinguish a collection of stones.

  • Attach any stone regardless of type or brand
  • Stabilize and protect stones as they thin down
  • Compatibility with the Stone Stage and the rest of the Nano Hone Universal System
    • Also compatible with any industry standard holders
  • Anodized aluminum finish



0.5 lb

8.3″ x 3″ x 0.2″

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Weight 0.58 lbs
Dimensions 11.23 × 4.06 × 0.32 in