Nano Hone Ceramic Whetstones


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The complete selection of Nano Hone ceramic whetstones on offer, designed to provide the perfect balance of high level finishing and speed of metal removal. These are “splash-and-go” stones, as they require no lengthy soaking time and can get up to speed with just a minimum amount of water splashed onto the abrasive surface. The stones come pre-attached to the Universal Backing Plate, allowing for immediate integration with the Stone Stage for a solid platform during use and easy release for fast changes. These stones are made with ease of use and low maintenance in mind, so that you can spend less time thinking about your sharpening setup and more time on sharpening your knife and skills.

  • “Splash and Go” – No soaking required
  • Reinforced with anodized aluminum Universal Backing Plate
    • Distortion-free due to the backing plate
    • Color coded
    • Long lasting micron/grit print
  • Compatibility with the Stone Stage and the rest of the Nano Hone Universal System
    • Also compatible with any industry standard holders
  • Micron size accurate
  • High purity and homogeneity
  • Non-porous ceramic matrix with resinoid binder
    • Spherical white aluminum oxide abrasive



1.4 lb

8.3″ x 3″ x 0.7″

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