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Not every at-home chef has the benefit and training from prestigious culinary schools, that’s why we went straight to the source to bring you the best knife-use information! Travelling around the United States, Murray Carter went to top chef’s to ask the simple question, ‘How would you use this knife’?

In Kitchen Cuts: Part 1, Paring Knife we highlight the versatility of the paring knife. From hulling strawberries to butchering a lamb, viewers will benefit as they watch five top chefs, each with their own style and technique, complete their cutting tasks with the utmost care, efficiency, and safety. Also of great benefit to aspiring chefs is the included interview footage which provides rare insight on how to achieve success in the culinary industry! 

Duration: 50 minutes plus bonus footage

Bonus Footage Includes:

  • Sharpening and maintenance tips specific to the paring knife
  • Forging and completion of a paring knife
  • Sharpening and maintenance tips specific to the Nakiri knife
  • Forging and completion of a Nakiri knife
  • Impromptu sharpening symposium

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