Do you have any openings in your Muteki Apprentice Program?

November 30, 2017

Carter Cutlery is always on the lookout for new, gifted talent. However, the physical limitations of our facilities dictates how many apprentices we can teach at any given time, and therefore we select only the most dedicated applicants. Those serious about apprenticing with Carter Cutlery should follow a Four-step application procedure.

First, purchase Murray’s complete Media Package in which he shares all of the essential Japanese bladesmithing tips and techniques. $100 of the cost will be gifted back to the graduates of the Muteki Apprentice program.

Second, submit a one page cover letter with resume and include photographs of anything you have crafted with your hands.

Third, if you aren’t already sharpening knives by hand on Japanese water stones, start right away. Some of the most important lessons in bladesmithing are self-learned by spending hours on the stones. Murray would also like you to send him pictures of what you have sharpened for review.

Fourth, spend some time sketching practical blade designs on paper and submitting them, along with a progress report on hand sharpening to Carter Cutlery via email every 30 days or so after the original application is submitted.

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