Tell me about the different knife surface finishes.

November 30, 2017

Neck knives may have a forge finish or a hammer finish and be polished or unpolished. The difference is aesthetic and you can expect the same excellent performance from all of them.

Carter Cutlery offers multiple series of kitchen knives: Kurouchi, Stainless Fukugozai, High Grade, and International Pro. Each series is unique with their own characteristics, qualities, and benefits.

Kurouchi: Traditional rural Japanese cutlery with a ground and polished edge and a black forged patina on the unsharpened portion of the blade.

Stainless Fukugozai: Typically finished with a ground and polished edge and a polished unsharpened portion of the blade showing evidence of the forging process.

High Grade: The steel is polished to an easily maintained finish.

International Pro: These blades can be finished in any one of the above methods.

Damascus: Typically ground and polished, etched with acid, and then polished again to emphasize their unique layered texture.

Muteki: Most blades have a ground and polished edge with a lightly polished unsharpened portion showing remnants of the forging process.

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