What are the differences between Carter and Muteki knives?

November 30, 2017

The main difference is that Carter knives are forged by Murray Carter, a 17th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith and ABS Master Smith with over 30,000 blades forged over a 28 year career (as of 2017), while Muteki knives are forged by Murray’s qualified journeymen bladesmiths under Murray’s supervision.

Carter knives are precision forged to within 95% of their final shape, heat treated in a pine charcoal fire, and have all the metallurgical work done personally by Murray. Carter knives include premium handles with contrasting liners, mosaic center pins, and the famous scary-sharp “Carter” edge that Murray does by hand. Carter knives exhibit artistic handle design utilizing premium synthetics and exotic woods ranging from G10, carbon fiber, Micarta, and natural stabilized woods.

Muteki knives are forged to within 80% of their final shape. They are heat treated in a coke fire. The work is done by Muteki journeymen smiths under Murray’s close supervision. They include hand-sanded handles made of traditional materials and riveted pins. In simpler terms, the Muteki series offers the incredible cutting performance Carter Cutlery is known for at a competitive price point.

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