What do the different marks on the knives mean?

November 30, 2017

Mu teki “without rival.”

Mitsuboshi Trademark symbol for “three stars,” registered in the 3rd year of the Keicho Era (1598). Originally shown as 3 circles because to the founding Yoshimoto bladesmiths, stars in the sky looked like little round dots and not the 5 pointed geometric shapes we have come to know in North America. It has been modified in our current logo to reflect the way the stamps usually look in a forged blade when the hardened stamp is hammered into the softer blade at a slight angle, resulting, ironically, in something resembling a moon.

Hon ke “Original Location” or legal owner of a business.

Indicates a Hitachi White Steel #1 core. No longer in use.

Indicates a Hitachi Blue Super Steel core. No longer in use.

Indicates a forge welded blade in my own shop Honwarikomi or Honkasumi. No longer in use.

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