What is Muteki Zen knives?

May 23, 2018

Our Muteki Zen series is an avenue for the Muteki smiths to make knives outside of our standard laminated construction. The Zen knives feature homogenous high carbon steel blades, using a potential variety of steels such as 52100, 1095, or SK-5. These knives are all forged using a coke fire, with the primary focus being superior metallurgy and cutting performance. However, some steels may undergo different heat treating methods than white or blue steel; for example, oil quenching or oven tempering. These knives may also feature differential hardening, hamons, or integral bolsters depending on the desires and experience of the smith. Because these knives may undergo different processes than the traditional methods taught by Murray for laminated blades, we created the Zen line. Muteki Zen knives can be identified by the “ZEN” stamped next to the muteki mark on knives.

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