Nano Hone Surf Stones

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Nano Hone’s own diamond sheets made replaceable on our Backing Plate. Designed with a diamond surface that maximizes abrasive action for fast flattening and sharpening, the Surf Stone is the quickest and most efficient way to flatten any surface softer than diamonds.

Available in 3 Diamond sizes:

DS-241 250 micron

DS-242 110 micron

DS-243 50 micron

  • Wave-like pattern with diamond surface maximizes abrasive action for fast flattening and sharpening
  • Replaceable diamond sheets allow you to use and reuse the Backing Plate for years
  • Suitable for all Whetstone Types
  • Dimensions: 240 x 63 x 18mm
  • Solid Alloy Anodized Backing Plate
  • Weight: Circa 800g
  • Compatible with the Stone Stage
  • This product is not for beginner sharpeners